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We as a Tilton community will foster respectful, responsibile, and caring individuals. Tilton School will develop a positive atmosphere where staff, students, parents, and community members are respected, appreciated, encouraged, and supported. We will strive to positively touch the lives of children so that they reach their full potential and become life-long learners.

  • Summer Update!

    Good Morning Tilton Tigers!

    Reminder: August 29th is Open House from 4pm to 5:30pm
    August 30th is the FIRST day of school for all students

    ** Reminder- No uniforms this year at Tilton School after looking at results from parent surveys and discussions at building based meetings.**

    Have a great summer! keep reading and math facts!

  • Survey time!

    Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below. We are making plans for the 2016-2017 school year and need your input!

    Tilton Survey

  • Exciting things happening in Mrs. Perry’s class!

    Mrs. Perry’s students will be participating in some fun events. First up is a Math-A-Thon! Students will ask people to sponsor them as they complete math problems. All funds are to support St. Jude Children’s Hospital. A letter is going home today, March 9th with details. Permission slips are due by March 18th Math booklets will be sent home on March 21st. The collection envelope will be due by March 30th. No cash can be accepted. All checks are to be made payable to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

    The next exciting project they are participating in is the BOOKPALS. BOOKPALS ( Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools) is a national program of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation where actors and performers volunteer their time to read aloud to children in public schools. BOOKPALS read for an hour each week to classes ( a half hour to each class) for a school year.  We are lucky to have Frank Cacciola,  and Amanda Martin from our local BOOKPAL program to work here at Tilton School.

    Mrs. Perry’s class also recently enjoyed a field trip to the Ipswich Wildlife Sanctuary. Read below to see what Mrs. Perry had to say!

    “We had a great time on our field trip to Ipswich River Sanctuary  for Maple Sugaring. The students could actually see what we learned in the classroom in the environment from tree to syrup. We were able to have lunch in a beautiful barn, view the surroundings, walk the trials, take pictures with our IPads and learn the process of maple sugaring first hand. I was amazed with their knowledge that they learned in the classroom and was able to share with the guides during the tour. The guides for so impressed with the students’ knowledge, behavior, curiosity and accountable talk. They were all wonderful representatives of Tilton School and Tilton Tigers. Way to go! This field trip was sponsored by Target Education Foundation Grant program which we applied and received. We will be sharing with them our trip by develop a slide show with the pictures the students took with the IPads and we will be sharing that will you as well.  Thank you for your support each and every day!”

    mathathon Fieldtrip1 Fieldtrip2

  • PARCC Testing Calendar

    PARCC testing is just around the corner. Hard copy calendars will be sent home shortly. In the meantime, please mark the dates on your calendars at home. It’ll be important that your child gets a good night’s sleep, eats a good breakfast either at home or here at school, and comes to school each day of testing on time with a positive attitude. We know our Tilton Tigers will give their best effort throughout testing! We Believe We Will Succeed!


  • Book Share event

    Students in Mrs. Perry’s first grade class participated in a book share event. Students introduced themselves and gave a small preview of the book they had written. They then encouraged the invited guests to read their books and learn more about the topics they had written about. Guests were asked to leave a note about something they learned from reading the books written by each student. Mr. Fulgoni from Central Office was in attendance as well as several parents, grandparents, siblings, and Tilton Staff. Mr. Scully came by later to give praise to our young writers and spent time with students in their classroom. It was a wonderful event and we cannot wait to see what else our Tilton Tigers will do next. As our banners say “We Believe. We Will Succeed!”

    Riley makes sure the audience knows what their expectations are!

    Riley makes sure the audience knows what their expectations are!

    Mr. Banks takes a break to hear a good book.

    Mr. Banks takes a break to hear a good book.

    Family of all ages shared in this wonderful event.

    Family of all ages shared in this wonderful event.

    Sway teases the audience with a clip from her book

    Sway teases the audience with a clip from her book

    Ms. Hostetter listens and responds to Jason's story.

    Ms. Hostetter listens and responds to Jason’s story.

    Steven shares some information about his book,.

    Steven shares some information about his book,.

    Mrs. Corthell leaves feedback for Wilmer.

    Mrs. Corthell leaves feedback for Wilmer.

    Zachary gives the audience a preview.

    Zachary gives the audience a preview.

  • Mid-Year Survey

    Please fill out survey linked below so we know how things are going at Tilton School and how to improve where needed.
    Thank you,
    Tilton School

    Mid-Year Survey

  • Important Update 2/22/16

    A message from Tilton Elementary School

    Good Afternoon Tilton Tigers-
    Just an FYI that busses MAY be running a little later usual today. Please go to bus stops at regular times, but if the bus is later than usual please be patient they will be there shortly.  Thank yo uso  much
    Also, just a reminder to make sure students are brining coats, hats and gloves to school for recess every day!
    Have a great night!
  • Love Can-nection!

    In February it’s a ” LOVE “CAN”nection” at Tilton School! Tilton Tigers want to help out our school community and food pantries! We are collecting cans and non perishable goods to give to the local food pantries and families in our community who are in need of them. Our Discovery Club Program will be counting and packaging our donations a the end of the month!

    We are hoping for at LEAST 519 cans for our community!

    Show your love for our community by helping out and teaching our students what community means! People helping People!

    We Believe in Tilton and Haverhill Public Schools!


  • How Tilton measures up!

    The link below will take you to Mrs. Antkowiak’s presentation that was made at the School Committee meeting last Thursday, January 29th. Take a look to see all the hard work our students are doing and the great progress that is being made!


  • PTO meeting notes

    PTO Meeting Minutes

    Tilton School

    Tuesday, December 8, 2015



    4th Grade Scholastic Magazine: $161.00 was collected from some of the families. Magazines will be cheaper because we are half way through the year. Approx.. 110 kids in 4th grade. Need approx.. $375.00 from PTO. Can’t use scholastic dollars because it’s too late in the year. PTO agreed that we should just order them so we can get them in January. 4th grade teachers looking forward to using them. Can the teachers send out a reminder to collect any last minute money (any little bit helps).


    Chocolate Roses: Heather in the process of ordering them. Group order form will go out with the PTO filling orders a couple of days per week. We also sold them in the library. Can’t sell them during class time this year, new policy and new focus on learning. Bonnie to send Heather an e-mail with the policy. The only way we can fulfill orders is through the order forms. PTO to continue the discussion at the next meeting in January.


    Smencils (smelly pencils): Always a big hit with the kids. Will be sold during parent/teacher conferences next week Tilton Staff members who are not involved with conferences those days will be helping to sell them on behalf of PTO.  Update as of Dec. 9th: Smencils will also be sold next week during the students library time. Mrs. Mackay will speak to Mrs. Aleman about helping with this project. Kim Potvin will work with Heather Ray to get a flyer out on Friday.


    Field Trips: Have any teachers thought about field trips yet? In house field trip versus going somewhere. 4th grade considering the Lowell Mills but they have a program where they would come to the school. It would cut down the cost considering the buses are so expensive. What about Mad Science? $350.00 maybe Ms. Alves will look into it. Teachers should start thinking about field trips. PTO would like to have an ideas by the January meeting. In house field trips would be cheaper considering how much the buses cost these days and the time factor of having to get back so quickly because the buses have to get out on their afternoon routes.


    Tiger Mania: Are we still interested in doing it? May 14/15 or 21/22 look open according to what Nicole found out on the district and surrounding area calendars. We had raffle baskets, sold pizza, baked goods, had face painting, police dept., fire dept. came, etc. The group agreed on Saturday, May 14th. Can’t really do a rain date because it is difficult to get organizations to schedule to come but we will look into it.


    Yankee Candle: Fundraiser that’s done in the spring before Easter and delivered around Mother’s Day. It’s usually the PTO’s biggest fundraiser so the consensus was to continue it again for 2016.


    Box Tops: $545.00 collected. Money is being held in our account until the spring distribution time. The goal is $1,000.00 which we should be able to reach. Mrs. Potvin has a bunch that were submitted after the deadline and probably still some in the robot. Mrs. Canzano indicated she still has them in her room. Another collection sheet will be going out by Friday and then another sheet in February. Mrs. Assad talked about a “snowball” box top program her kids do at their school. She will look into it and give the details to PTO.


    Movie License: PTO cancelled the license because it was too expensive. It was for any non educational movies shown outside school time. It was $400.00 so this is a huge savings.


    Mrs. McNamara’s idea: Duct tape Mrs. Antkowiak would be taped to the wall as a fundraiser. You sell a strip of duct tape with the name of the book you read and that money would go to the library to buy books. How about March/April time frame? Maybe order the books from scholastic because then you also get points to order more books. Mrs. Assad said to use the free book coupons that scholastic sends out to get even more free books. Assign a few teachers to order books depending on what Mrs. Ackerman says the library needs the most for books. More discussion to follow in the coming months.


    Level Books: There is a computer program that has A-Z level books that you can print off with accompanying work sheets. This helps immensely because the kids can keep the printed out books and the school doesn’t have to worry about the level books being lost/not returned to school. Mrs. Antkowiak indicated the cost is $99.00 per grade level and that one per grade level would be needed for the teachers to share, so approx.. $400.00 would be needed from the PTO as Mrs. Antkowiak is over budget. Mrs. Antkowiak to give the PTO the information in writing and PTO will vote and give her the decision by the first of the year. Brain Pop is another option to look into as well.


    PARCC: Results will be out by the end of the week to families. Accountability report should be out tomorrow. Tilton was the 3rd percentile (1 is the lowest percentile, 99 is the highest). Mrs. Antkowiak will be looking at the data closely. She’s looking to have a parent night after the first of the year to explain the testing results. 3rd and 4th grade students have a letter grade on their report cards. There is a new process when it comes to students letter grade on their report card and as a result a letter will be accompanying the report card to explain the new process. Everyone needs to have an honest discussion about being transparent with grades and whether the students are on grade level or below grade level.


    Can food drive: Is it being done? The consensus was last year it was a 100 day project. No further discussion.


    Penny Drive fundraiser: Nicole researched it. Nicole will give it to Bonnie to look into as a possible fundraiser for the future.


    Elmos: The question was asked if the school needs any more? The shift is for smart boards and mimio’s. Projectors are on 1st and 2nd floor that work with them. You can do virtual field trips like Mrs. Perry’s class has done.


    Apps/computer programs: Heather Ray asked if there are any apps that parents can use at home to help their children. Mrs. Ackerman can get a list together.


    Mr. Mech is still looking for a keyboard. Ms. Alder might have one in the trunk of her car that Mr. Mech might be able to use.


    Reminder: The PTO has a form if any teachers have a request for PTO to fund projects. Mrs. Ward had given these out at the beginning of the year.


    Literacy Closet: There is a need to get the literacy closet organized. Are there any parent volunteers available to organize the room? The system isn’t working right now. A tally needs to be taken of the book in the closet. Bags vs. bins to keep it organized. Is there someone who would like to keep the room neat? The closet needs to stay organized so the staff can find the books easily and quickly when they go into the closet. Nicole Luhrs and Heather Ray offered to work on this project. Some organization might be able to take place during the school year but the major work will have to be done over the summer when all the books will be returned and then everything can be catalogued and organized.


    Dining to donate at Casa Blanca: All Tilton would have to do is pick at date.   10 % would go to Tilton and it would be a tally of all the sales for the day. No forms needed. Casa Blanca said they like to keep it simple. You don’t need to be affiliated with Tilton to get a percentage donated to the school. It would be on all sales for whatever day is chosen, just not a Friday or Saturday.


    Bingo night: Play bingo, order pizza. It could be some sort of Family night. Kids could get prizes. Maybe Bingo for books. You could do two separate hours given the size of the school. Do a reservation in case of a crowd. PTO to think about it for something to do in the future.


    School Dance: No elementary school dance – too many problems.


    Next meeting: Thursday, January 14th 4:15-5:15pm


    Respectfully submitted,

    Kim Potvin







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