Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Arrival and dismissal make Grove Street a very busy place here at Tilton School. In order to help maintain order and have a safe environment for all, we have some guidelines on our arrival/dismissal procedure for parents.


  • Student drop off begins at 8:45 for students needing to have school breakfast.
  • Students are not allowed on the playground before school. There is no supervision.
  • Cars will not be allowed to park on Grove Street or in the school parking lot.
  • Cars are allowed to drop off students only in the designated area (sidewalk in front of school on Grove Street designated by cones).
  • Parents are to stay in their cars and pull up to the Student drop off sidewalk where teachers will be waiting for students.
  • Cars will pull over to the side of Grove Street and patiently wait their turn to pull up to the student drop off section of the sidewalk. Staff will be there to direct you.
  • Students will walk into the school building using the main stairs and to their grade level hallway or to the cafeteria for breakfast. Teachers will be stationed all along the way to help the students get to their hallway or cafeteria safely.
  • Please have students ready to exit the car when you pull up to the sidewalk.
  • For safety reasons, please only have students cross the street in the cross walk with the crossing guard. But students should not be dropped off on the opposite side of the street!
  • Students are tardy after 9:00. A parent must park their car in the parking lot and sign the student in at the main office.


Please be mindful and respectful of our neighbors. Do not block driveways or blast loud music. If a neighbor asks you to move in order to gain access to their driveway, please comply.  We will involve HPD if need be. Please do not begin lining up before 3:10.

  • Students getting picked up by car will be brought to the pick up area (sidewalk in front of the school on Grove St.) at 3:15.
  • Administrators and teachers will be out directing cars pulling up to sidewalk. Please look for these people to assist you.
  • Cars will pull up to the sidewalk. Please look for teachers directing you to pull all the way forward so cars can pull in behind you to keep the line moving. No Reversing when in the line!
  • Cars will line up all the way down Grove Street patiently waiting to pull up to the pick up area. Please do not block driveways or street entrances.
  • Teachers will help students into cars once the car pulls up safely to the sidewalk (Remember back seat is safest for children under 12!)
  • Students will not be allowed to cross the street to cars on the other side of the street or to the parking lot.
  • Dismissal time will begin at 3:15 but in order to help with the overcrowding, please feel free to stagger your time between 3:15-3:25
  • Another option is to have your child ride the bus.
  • Student safety is Our Number 1 Priority and we understand that this will require continued patience on everyone’s part.
  • WALKERS: Students who will be walking home, not getting into a car: Please do not park on Hancock St. If you are parking, your child should be considered car pickup at the front of the building. Hancock St is reserved for buses only.
  • Students in grades K, & 1 will be dismissed via door #3 on the side of the school closest to High St. Students in grades 2& 3 will be dismissed via door #9 by the playground. Families with students in multiple grades can pick up their younger students first then walk to get their older students.