2022 Family Engagement Survey

Hello Tiger Families! We have partnered with the Massachusetts Statewide Family Engagement Center to help us better understand the needs of our school community. Below is a little bit about the purpose of the surveys. Please complete the survey by April 30th.

MASFEC is dedicated to providing timely and relevant family engagement resources to both families and educators. Each year, we conduct a statewide survey to gather your feedback. This information helps us understand your experiences and needs. Your responses will guide us in our effort to help schools and families work together.

Now is your chance to have your voice heard

Our 2022 Family and Educator Feedback Surveys provide an opportunity to share direct, anonymous feedback about experiences in your district. This feedback will inform changes and improvements to promote family engagement at the school-, district-, and state-level.

Questions will ask about your experiences with virtual learning, educator and family relationships, and suggestions you have for improvement. Just 10 minutes of your time can help direct the work of the Center to support relationships of families, schools, and districts.

The family survey is available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese. We do have printable versions in each language to be completed by hand and can be returned to school. Educators can access their survey via the Educator Feedback page.

Want to know more about the surveys?

These survey items were designed to provide valid and reliable measures of the larger ideas to which they connect. These surveys provide schools and districts with valuable information to better understand family engagement.

Schools and districts are able to use the family and educator surveys in full or borrow from them to gather perspectives on specific measures of interest. The feedback surveys are aligned to the Massachusetts Family Engagement Framework, a guiding document that provides information and resources helpful to aligning and coordinating family engagement efforts across the state. Please reach out to the Center to learn more about the surveys and how your school or district can use them to understand the relationships between educators and families.