Mrs. Ackerman and Mrs. Aleman

Library Procedures

Hours of Operation: 9:00 – 3:00

Library Information:

During library class and in collaboration with classroom teachers students build information, literacy skills, develop and appreciation of literature, pursue independent learning and become socially responsible users of information. The goal of the library is for students to become lifelong learners.

In addition, the library is an integral part of classroom instruction by providing teachers and students with resources to support the curriculum.

The library plays an important role in promoting reading by giving students the chance to explore subjects they find interesting outside of school requirements.

The Importance of Reading:

Children who read with a parent daily are making important steps to becoming readers themselves.

Please take time to read and talk about the book that your child brings home each week from the library.

The media specialist partners with your child’s classroom teacher to assist with your child’s learning.


At this time, students in grades 1-4 may take out 1 book each week. Once the Tilton Library collection grows, it may be possible to increase this number. Students are allowed to take their books home. During scheduled library time, students have the opportunity to return books and check out a new book.  If a student has not finished reading their book, please see Mrs. Aleman or Mrs. Ackerman about renewing the book.

If a student does not return his or her book, they may look at books during this time, but will not be able to borrow a new book until any previous check outs are returned. It is the students responsibility to return their books.

Students are encouraged to make selections based on their reading interests. However, students should also be looking for a “just right book” which they can read on their own. All students should use the “five finger rule” to help them find a “just right book.” Parents are encouraged to read with younger students who are not independent readers yet.

Lost or Damaged Books:

Students are expected to be responsible for any books they borrow from the library. If a book is lost or damaged please see Mrs. Ackerman about replacing the book. Notices will be sent home regarding books that are overdue or damaged.

Book Care:

Please help us keep the library books in good condition by using the following guidelines with your child:

  • The best place for your child’s library book when it is not being read in in his or her backpack.
  • Bookmarks should be used instead of turning down the pages, using other items such as pencils to mark the page or placing an open book with the pages facing down.
  • Keep library books away from food and drinks as well as pets and younger siblings.

We are very excited to have children borrow books and enjoy reading!

Thank you for your help in keeping the library collection in great shape!

Mrs. Ackerman and Mrs. Aleman