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February 11, 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please check out the minutes from the last PTO meeting. There are some great things that will be happening in the upcoming months. Here are some important dates to mark on your calendar. If you are on Facebook, be sure to like the John C. Tilton Page. Important events are posted as they occur as well as photos of the great things happening here at Tilton School!
March 4th: Early release 11:40 am
March 12th: PTO meeting 6-7 pm
March 23rd-April 6th: PARCC assessment Grades 3 & 4
March 25th: Report Cards distributed
March 26th: Early release 11:40 am-Parent Conferences
As you know, the staff and administrators of Haverhill Public Schools are working closely with a team from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to improve student performance in all academic areas at Tilton School.  We’re working very hard to narrow the proficiency gap in reading, writing and mathematics.  Our partnership with parents is important.  Please communicate any areas of concern with your child’s teacher.  Good attendance, arriving on time and being prepared to learn are key to your child’s success in school.
Quick reminder about late arrivals – the school day begins at 9:00 A.M.  Though your child is not marked tardy until 9:15, it is important that instruction be able to begin promptly at 9:00. Lateness is disruptive to your child and to the entire class. Any child entering the building after 9:15 A.M. should go directly to the Main Office to obtain a late pass. All lateness will be noted on the child’s permanent record.  Please note, parents may not accompany their child to their classroom.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the main office at Tilton School at (978) 374-3475.


Mrs. Maureen Gray, Principal

Mrs. Erin Mackay, Assistant Principal


  • PARCC Parent Information Night

    Please click on the link for important information regarding the PARCC parent night on Wednesday, March 4th.


    PARCC Parent Information Night

  • 100th Day Canned Food Drive a Success!

    Our Tilton Tigers have risen to the occasion once again! Each grade level was challenged to bring in 100 canned goods to support the All Saints Food Pantry as a way to celebrate our 100th day of school. Not only did every grade level meet that challenge, but exceeded that challenge! Tilton School was able to collect 735 canned goods! Many thanks to our morning Discover Club students for counting all the donations and the afternoon Discovery Club students for packing them up and getting them ready for delivery!

    Jordan can't believe all the cans we collected!

    Jordan can’t believe all the cans we collected!

    183A1517 183A1512 183A1511 183A1506 183A1504 183A1497

    Isabella, Jordan, Aulani, Terrence, Israel, and Mrs. Mackay.

    Isabella, Jordan, Aulani, Terrence, Israel, and Mrs. Mackay.

    Wow! Look at all the canned goods!

    Wow! Look at all the canned goods!

  • Title 1 Mad Science Night!


    3rd & 4th GRADERS!

    Join Mad Science for a night of science fun @ TILTON SCHOOL!

    When: Thursday, February 26th, 2015 @

    6:00 pm in the cafeteria

    FIRE & ICE – a 45-minute, fun-filled, science show in the cafeteria! – LIMITED SPACE! First come, first served. Don’t miss out on the science fun!! – (Sponsored by Title One)


    Forms will be sent home soon!

  • Super Bowl Spirit

    We are still planning to show our Super Bowl Spirit on Friday, January 30th! Wear your Patriots shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and T-shirts! Haven’t got any? Students may also wear any combination of red, white, and blue! Let’s bring the Lombardi Trophy back to New England!


  • Jerry Pallotta’s visit to Tilton!

    In November, famed author Jerry Pallotta visited Tilton School to share some of his books with our students. He did a lively presentation, getting many of our Tilton Tigers involved. After his presentation, there was a meet and greet where he spoke to each student purchasing a book and wrote personal messages to them. Families also enjoyed some icre cream before the presentation. This visit was part of our Title 1 Family Nights.

  • Danielle Niles Visits Tilton!

    Click the link below for details regarding our visit with Danielle Niles! Be sure to tune in to see our Tilton Tigers!


  • Patriots Red, White, and Blue Day!


    On Friday, January 16th, Students and staff are encouraged to wear their Patriots gear in support of the Patriots bid to be AFC champions! Students may wear Patriots jerseys, shirts, or sweatshirts or they may wear any red, white, and blue combination! GO PATS!!

  • Discovery Club Service Project


    Students at Tilton School’s Discovery program were working on a Community Service project with literacy as a foundation. This special project incorporated literacy, art, and community service.

    1. Introduction:  Children in grades 1-4 were read the book: The Pumpkin Quilt by Deborah Turney Zagwyn – Briefly: A young girl cuts squares from her beloved quilt to cover pumpkins in her family pumpkin patch so that they won’t freeze and can be carved into jack-o-lanterns. The pumpkins are grateful for her care and she learns a valuable lesson about giving.
    2. Phase I: Children gave a written response. Grades 1&2 wrote about a cherished item. Grades 3&4 wrote from the perspective of the pumpkins in the story.
    3. Phase 2: Children made “quilt squares” to cover their writing. All quilts were mounted for display in the school. Visitors are encouraged to lift the quilt squares and read the paragraph that is covered.
    4. Phase 3: Children worked on making blankets (large and small) to donate to the Haverhill Community.
    5. Culminating Activity: Members of The Haverhill Fire Department came in to accept the donation of a dozen large sized blankets. The Firefighters told the students that they would carry the blankets on the fire truck and when they encountered people who needed to be warm (whether from a fire or car accident) they would proudly give the blankets that the children made. The smaller blankets were donated to the Pregnancy Care Center on Main St. in Haverhill.

    Mrs. Patti Sullivan and Mrs. Jill Whelan designed and led this in-depth project for all students enrolled in Tilton’s Discovery Club program. Discovery Club at Tilton School is held 5 days a week from the close of school until 5:15 p.m.. Currently there are 80 students enrolled in the afternoon program.

    Quotes from students:

    “I like the idea that we are being helpful to others.”  Brayden Guertin-Dit-Milette (gr 4)

    “I really liked designing my quilt and writing my story.” Jennalyse  Sierra (gr 4)

    “We did this project to help people with our blankets. I liked making the blankets and I really liked tying the knots!” Erick Merino (gr 4)


    Mrs. Jill Whelan teaching 1st Graders how to tie the knots on the special blankets.

    Mrs. Jill Whelan teaching 1st Graders how to tie the knots on the special blankets.

    The children and teachers gather for a photo op to showcase their special blankets!

    The children and teachers gather for a photo op to showcase their special blankets!

        Lt. Donald Minion

    Lt. Donald Minion

    Douglas Burrill

    Douglas Burrill

    Stephen Snow

    Stephen Snow


  • PARCC information

  • Tips to help your child

    Dear Parents/Guardians of students in grades K-1,
    Did you know?
    Research shows that children who read to—or with—someone at home make more progress than those who don’t share reading at home.
    Becoming a successful reader and writer has been shown to be the most important ability for later success in education, employment and future life.
    It all starts at home with young children communicating with siblings and adults. Talking helps children expand their vocabulary and understanding of the world. And it helps them develop as readers.
    Now, here are some things you can do to help make reading more enjoyable for your child:
    • Read to your child before bedtime.
    • Turn the TV off when you are reading to your child.
    • Talk about the story and the pictures while you read. Ask your child to find things in the pictures.
    • Let your child read along, even if he or she is not really reading.
    • Praise your child’s interest in the story.
    You can also help at home to develop your child’s interest in writing. Writing should be fun! When your child draws a picture, encourage him/her to write something about the picture. Praise your child’s efforts and don’t expect all the words to be spelled correctly.
    These are some things you can do to make writing enjoyable for your child:
    • Supply some blank paper and crayons, pencils or markers for your child to use.
    • Encourage your child to write lists, telephone messages, letters, stories, etc.
    • Ask your child read his/her writing to you.
    • Make labels for things in your house or things your child draws.
    • Write letters or cards to each other.
    • Make a list of things together, such as things-to-do or a shopping list.
    • Help your child with his/her homework.
(978) 374-3400
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