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We as a Tilton community will foster respectful, responsible, and caring individuals. Tilton School will develop a positive atmosphere where staff, students, parents, and community members are respected, appreciated, encouraged, and supported. We will strive to positively touch the lives of children so that they reach their full potential and become life-long learners.


SY 2019-2020 Community Eligibility Provision


  • Back to School Survey

    In order to plan for the fall, we are asking all families to fill out the survey (link can be found below) to indicate your preference for how your children will attend school for the upcoming year. Please fill out a survey for each of your children that attend or will attend Haverhill Public Schools this year.

    Dear Families,We are living in a stressful and confusing time, and the ritual of back to school seems to have set the country in a tail-spin. Each school system is looking at their community health data, organizational capacity and community preferences to determine the best course of action for the coming school year. For Haverhill the key to a successful return to school seems to be rooted in family choice. We recognize that some families do not feel comfortable sending their children to school at this time regardless of the safety measures in place. Other families are overwhelmed by financial burdens and the pressure of returning to work, still others feel that the structure, routine and socialization of in-person learning is imperative for their child’s health and learning.As such, we have designed our return to school models with parent choice and student need in mind. All models operate with a shared set of instructional principles, each is free to families, and every child will be provided a chrome-book to support their learning. Our re-opening models include the choice of :

    Hybrid Learning Model: students will attend in-person schooling 2 days per week either Monday/Tuesday (cohort A) or Thursday/Friday (cohort B) and receive remote instruction on the opposite days and Wednesday. We will make every attempt to support parent choice of cohort A or B and to place siblings into the same cohorts.

    Remote Learning Model: Students will opt-in to on-line instruction (remote learning) provided by Haverhill Public Schools. Remote learning will follow the calendar and school day expectations of HPS.For children with special learning needs there will be an additional model which student will be invited to join by their school:

    High Needs Intensive Instruction Model: students in substantially separate special education classrooms and Level 1 and 2 English Language Learners (EL) will be invited to attend in-person school four days per week with Wednesday as a remote day. We will gradually and safely expand the intensive instruction model to more students.

    The situation is clearly in flux and changes will continue to occur, however, as we edge closer to the opening of school it is important that we have accurate data about the wants and needs of our families and staff. We ask all families to complete this brief back-to-school preference survey https://forms.gle/FTDQtkBwfhEFZ9oJ7.

    Our hope is to have 100% response rate from our families and will be following up with those we do not reach by phone and other methods.Our goal will be to determine which children will attend in-person learning and which will attend remote. This data is imperative in order to properly plan for the opening of school. If 60% or more of our students chose a remote learning option, we will likely not require a hybrid model and those students that prefer in-person learning will be invited to attend four days per week with a remote day on Wednesday, Families that do not respond to the survey will be placed in a hybrid learning cohort.

    HPS reopening models include contingency plans for a number of scenarios. If we see a community spike in cases of COVID-19, we will work with our local and state health officials to consider recommending that we close schools to in-person learning for a period of time.

    For more details on the reopening models, including safety, health, transportation, sanitizing, special education, English Learner services, Moody preschool, and more please review our most updated Haverhill Public Schools Reopening Plan.

    Finally, the HPS student school year will begin on September 16, 2020. This is a Wednesday and a remote learning day; your school will be in touch with more details. We will begin to phase in our in-person learning beginning on September 17, 2020, and all students that wish to begin in-person learning will do so no later than October 19, 2020.We thank you for your investment in your child’s education and your support of our schools.

    Be well,Margaret Marotta EdD Superintendent of Schools

  • HPS Reopening Plan

    Below are links to the district’s reopening plan in English and Spanish.

  • Welcome Video

  • Consent to Tape

    Below you will find the documents to allow teachers to record their “live” lessons in order to post at a later time on their Google Classroom so that students who may be unable to log in during this time can access it at a later time, or if students (and parents) would like to revisit a lesson already taught. Please contact your child’s teacher only if you DO NOT allow your child to be recorded.

    consent to tape

    consent to tape in spanish

  • Remote Learning beginning APRIL 6th

    April 3, 2020

    Dear Tilton Tiger Families,

    We hope everyone is healthy and doing well at home. Thank you for all the support you have given to us as we navigate through this difficult time.  Classroom teachers will use Google Classroom to connect with your children while learning from home. Teachers will post their class schedule by this Sunday night for families to view. Please note, the school day will be three hours per day, from 9am to 12pm.  We know families are busy and your child may need to view or complete an assignment at a different time that works best for your family. However, the schedule should be flexible enough to accommodate your family routine. There will be independent work, projects, videos and specialists’ assignments for students to complete. There will also be at least one live lesson held weekly by one of your child’s teachers.  A classroom teacher or another staff member will be available to your child weekly to provide support with learning at home. This contact may be by phone (may appear as blocked or no caller ID), email, classroom phone app, or online in the Google Classroom web service.

    Our school nurse, the School Adjustment Counselors and Administrators are available for any questions you may have. All emails are found on the school homepage.

    Please note that we will not have school on Good Friday, April 10th, and April Vacation (April 20th to 24th) week as noted in the HPS School Calendar.

    Please know we are all working together to provide the very best education we can during this challenging time. The first week of school will be a time to relearn class rules, adjust to online learning and become comfortable with our new learning environment.  Students will now be graded during this time. Please be patient as we anticipate that adjustments may be necessary to refine this new learning environment as we go.  Keep Believing, together we will get through this new and turbulent time.


    Mrs. Antkowiak

    Principal, Tilton Lower and Upper



    3  de abril de 2020

    Estimadas familias de Tilton Tigers:

    Esperamos que todos estén sanos y que les vaya bien en casa. Gracias por todo el apoyo que nos han brindado mientras navegamos por este momento difícil. Los maestros de clase usarán Google Classroom para conectarse con sus hijos mientras aprenden desde casa. Los maestros publicarán su horario de clases este domingo por la noche para que las familias las vean. Tenga en cuenta que el día escolar será de tres horas por día, de 9 a.m. a 12 p.m. Sabemos que las familias están ocupadas y su hijo/a pueda necesitar ver o completar una tarea en un momento diferente que funcione mejor para su familia. Sin embargo, el horario debe ser lo suficientemente flexible como para acomodar su rutina familiar. Habrá trabajo independiente, proyectos, videos y tareas de especialistas para que los estudiantes completen. También habrá al menos una lección en vivo que se llevará a cabo semanalmente por uno de los maestros de su hijo. Un maestro de clase u otro miembro del personal estará disponible para su hijo semanalmente para brindar apoyo con el aprendizaje en el hogar. Este contacto puede ser por teléfono (puede aparecer como numero desconocido o bloqueado), correo electrónico, aplicación de teléfono o en línea web en Google Classroom.

    Nuestra enfermera escolar, los consejeros y administradores de ajuste escolar están disponibles para cualquier pregunta que pueda tener. Todos los correos electrónicos se encuentran en la página de inicio de la escuela. 

    Tenga en cuenta que no tendremos clases el Viernes Santo, el 10 de abril y la semana de vacaciones de abril (del 20 al 24 de abril) como se indica en el Calendario escolar de HPS.

    Estamos trabajando juntos para proporcionar la mejor educación posible durante este momento difícil. La primera semana de clases será un momento para volver a aprender las reglas de la clase, adaptarse al aprendizaje en línea y sentirse cómodo con nuestro nuevo entorno de aprendizaje. Los estudiantes ahora serán calificados durante este tiempo. Tenga paciencia ya que anticipamos que pueden ser necesarios ajustes para refinar este nuevo entorno de aprendizaje a medida que avanzamos. Sigan creyendo, juntos superaremos este nuevo y turbulento tiempo.


    Sra. Antkowiak

    Directora, Tilton Lower and Upper

  • Music Lessons from Mr. Mech

    Mr. Mech has created several music lessons!
    Tilton music classes are now on Google Classroom!
    Sing songs and read about music by using these codes. Each student will need to input these codes to access the lessons.
    For Kindergarten students:   717cpak
    1st grade:   i4qunxn
    2nd grade:   nv4ftth
    3rd grade:   nqeklcq
    Always be sure to have your parent’s permission when singing songs from Youtube.
    Keep singing and be happy!
    Mr. Mech
  • OT Activities for Grade k- 3

    Dear Haverhill families,

    Linda and I have attached occupational therapy activity calendars by grade that have developmentally appropriate activity suggestions to work on your child’s fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and self-care skills. These activities are only suggestions, although, we recommend completing at least some of these activities, if possible, to continue to improve these skills (especially for the students who are on OT services in school). Linda and I are both here to be a resource for you during this time. Please feel free to e-mail either of us with any questions, concerns, or more activity ideas. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Thank you and stay healthy!

    Melissa Santos, OT #11702
    Occupational Therapist
    Haverhill Public Schools

    Linda Napolitano, COTA #2137
    Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant
    Haverhill Public Schools


    OT Activities Grades K-2Grades

    K-2 Spanish

    OT Activities Grades 3-4

    Grades 3-4 Spanish

  • Spirit Week!!

    Join us in a little fun this week!! And be sure to tune in to Facebook on Monday for a Special Announcement!!!

  • Call Central Office

    At this time, the school building is closed. If you need to reach us, please call Central Office at 978-374-3400.

  • Enrichment Activities

    Although school isn’t in session we wanted to make sure that all our students were able to access educational enrichment activities.  We know how important it is to continually read and practice math facts while school is out of session. We will continue to post on our facebook pages, Roaring Tilton, Tilton Upper – the journey continues and Tiger Tilton. Please join one of these or all, to keep up to date.  We also will have links and activities on our homepage for families.



    Grades K & 1 should continue to use ABCYA, Starfall, and ABC Mouse to practice reading & math skills. They can also access the Library resources on the Tilton homepage. ( https://www.abcya.com/, https://www.starfall.com/h/ , https://abcmouse.com)

    Grades 2-6 can log into their Google accounts and go to the library & technology Google Classroom.  Some of the activities to choose from include keyboarding. listening to folktale stories, code.org, math fact practice and more. 

    I hope you are all staying safe at home while we are out of school! While you are home, check out the Google Classroom activities I have placed in your grade 2-6 library & technology Google Classrooms. (Go to https://home.haverhill-ps.org/. Log in with your user name and password. Click on G Suite or the classroom icon. Open classroom and select library & Technology. ) There are many great ideas posted that will support your learning while not at school and also be fun to do. If you complete an activity in Classroom, send me a message and I will share it with the Tilton community. I would love to hear from you.

    Mrs. Ackerman

    Link to Tilton Library  resources https://tilton.haverhill-ps.org/library-media-center-resources/



    Kindergarten Families,

    Although these times may be stressful and filled with uncertainties, the importance of spending quality time with your family is of top priority. Enjoy reading with one another, play family games, go for a walk and have conversations with each other. We have had some families that have requested some additional resources. We have included a variety of writing prompts. High frequency words are included to provide opportunities to practice words and play games. Our “Letterland” linking chart is also included for students to continue to use as a guide when writing. Guidelines to access online learning resources for Envisions as well as ST math are provided in individual student folders. We have included log in credentials as well as QR codes to access curriculum. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to touch base at any time. Please stay healthy and we look forward to being together soon!

    Grade 1: 

    Dear First Grade Families,

    The first grade team has compiled the following resources for your child to use at home. These are programs that your child is familiar with and are utilized in the classroom. These programs are connected to the first grade curriculum; they are aligned to first grade academic standards. Teachers will be able to monitor daily progress, assign additional materials, and support your child as needed. We suggest that XtraMath, Epic (or books at home), and a program of their choice are used daily.

    (Tilton Educational Websites, Freckles, ST Math, XtraMath, Epic! Pearson Realize-enVision)

     We also recommend that students write daily and continue to practice their sight word lists and math facts that were previously sent home. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s classroom teacher.

    Sincerely, The First Grade Team

    Grade 2

    The second grade team has put together a packet with the following work:

    · Math – fact review, place value worksheets, working with ones tens and hundreds, DICE problems

    · Phonics – Magic e review, -ng/-nk word family review, punctuation/capitalization practice, long vowel review, bossy r review

    · Reading – leveled passages with comprehension questions, sight word practice

    · Writing – we have provided lined paper for students to write about anything they want to (ex: book review, weekend news, etc.)

    Online resources are encouraged to be used if possible. Students are familiar with the following websites:

    · Freckle.com

    · Prodigy.com

    · Stmath.com

    · Xtramath.org

    · Tumblebooks.com (username tilton, password books)

    · Abcya.com

    · Starfall.com

    · Raz-kids.com

    · Jr.brainpop.com (username tiltonschool, password poplearn)

    All second grade teachers will be checking in periodically with their emails/class apps should parents have any question

    Grade 3

    Dear Families,

    Per district request, we have prepared materials for your child to work on while we are not in school.  The topics in math are all areas that we have already covered and in reading there are passages to complete.  Some teachers have included other curriculum related materials such as science, writing and information on how to access STMATH and Pearson may also be included.  In addition, if your child receives ELL support there are instructions to access razkids.  


    Stay Safe!

    Love your Grade 3 Teachers

    Mrs. Hickey PE

    Mrs. Hickey has created calendars and will be working on google classroom physical activities.


    Ms. Dehne, our Tilton Lower School Counselor, Mrs. Burdin, our Tilton PAL teacher, and Mrs. McClendon, our Tilton Lower Adjustment Counselors would like to provide some Social Emotional Learning video clips, articles and activities via Google Classroom. Our class code for Google Classroom is 2ph4p2v. With all of the anxiety around this unprecedented event and change of routine, please feel free to email myself or Ms. Dehne with any questions or concerns and we will answer to the best of our ability and in a timely manner. For any health related questions, please refer to your healthcare providers and the MA CDC website https://www.cdc.gov/hai/stateplans/state-hai-plans/ma.html




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