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We as a Tilton community will foster respectful, responsible, and caring individuals. Tilton School will develop a positive atmosphere where staff, students, parents, and community members are respected, appreciated, encouraged, and supported. We will strive to positively touch the lives of children so that they reach their full potential and become life-long learners.


SY 2019-2020 Community Eligibility Provision


  • Wish Lists

    Below please find grade level wishlists. As always, we provide our students with everything they will need, but if you are looking for a few things you’d like to provide your child with, these lists give you a few ideas.

    Kindergarten Community Supplies:

    Composition books (great for math and science journals)
    dry erase markers
    large white paper plates
    ziplock bags (sandwich and gallon size)
    brown paper lunch bags
    baby wipes
    magic markers
    colored pencils
    paper towels
    baby wipes
    disinfectant wipes
    hand sanitizer (large bottles, not for individual use)


  • HPS Summer Program information

    Click the links below for information regarding our FREE Summer Program!

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  • May Calendar

  • Kindergarten Registration information!


    TILTON MCAS Test Dates!


    Grade 3 and Grade 4 families please post these dates for MCAS on your refrigerators.

    It is very important that students’ get a good night ‘s sleep and are on time to school.

    April Dates:

    Grade 3 MCAS pep rally on April 1st

    Grade 3- ELA tests are on April 2nd and April 3rd

    Grade 4 MCAS Pep rally on April 8th

    Grade 4- ELA tests are on April 9th and April 10th

    May Dates:

    Grade 3 – Math tests are on May 7th and 8th

    Grade 4 – Math Tests are on May14th and 15th



    Fechas de prueba de MCAS!

    Familias de Grado 3 y Grado 4 publiquen estas fechas para MCAS en sus refrigeradores.

    Es muy importante que los estudiantes duerman bien y lleguen a tiempo a la escuela.

    Fechas de abril:

    Grado 3 MCAS pep rally el 1 de abril

    Los exámenes ELA de 3er grado son el 2 y el 3 de abril.

    Grado 4 MCAS reunión de Pep el 8 de abril

    Las pruebas ELA de 4º a 4º grado son el 9 de abril y el 10 de abril.


    Fechas de mayo:

    Grado 3 – Las pruebas de matemáticas son el 7 y 8 de mayo

    Grado 4 – Las pruebas de matemáticas son el 14 y 15 de mayo

  • Daily Happenings

    Interested in the daily happenings here at Tilton School? Be sure to check out our Facebook page for student success stories and an inside peek at the hard work going on in classrooms!

    Roaring Tilton Facebook Page

  • Tutoring

    Don’t forget! Every Tuesday and Thursday we have tutoring for selected students in Grades 3 and 4! Make sure to be at bus stops starting at 4:30!

  • February Calendar

  • Holiday Concert Live Streaming Tonight!!!

    Tune in here or the HPS Facebook page!

  • Wizard of Oz Family Night

    Our Wizard of Oz family night was a huge success! Check out a few samples of Oz below!

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